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An Agapi is more than “just a boat”. It is a new concept of boating. It was born out of a personal need because we wanted more than the market could offer. We love boating but couldn’t find the boat that fulfilled our needs as a family and the boating freedom we were craving for. We were mainly looking for the combination of contrasting boat benefits without compromising on any of them:
High performance
Easy to handle
Gentle to the environment
Before Agapi the combination of these three was not possible. Thanks to modern production, innovation thinking, exclusive materials and Swedish design expertise, the sports performing, easy to handle and comfortable SUV of the sea was born.
The easiest way to explain this, is simply by not say anything and instead let people test drive our boats themselves. Then we normally, just smile and say ‘yes we know’ to the amazed comments people tend to have. All this thanks to a simple idea elegantly executed.
It is well known that a modern RIB is both easier to handle and more sea worthy than conventional boats at high speeds or when docking. Since safety should always be first priority at sea, this is not a small thing. Dock it without embarrassments and even load it of the trailer smoothly and easily. Everyone on an Agapi can handle it. Our kids do it and they are just 11 and 13 years old. A conventional cabin boat has other advantages. With social areas, berths, toilet, kitchen and sun beds they offer a comfort that ordinary RIBs or center consoles don’t. The simple idea at Agapi was to combine the benefits from these two worlds. Then add a little bit of ingenuity in terms of demanding its construction to be low weighted while still extremely strong and resistant to meet high performance requirements.
This puts a demand on material choice and explains the use of carbon fiber. The benefit with low weight is two fold, on one hand superior fuel economy, where Agapi has probably the best environmental impact/performance ratio in the industry. For us, a must since we no longer can accept burning tons of fuel at sea. We believe that we are not alone on this quest and more will follow. On the other hand, it makes it easier to handle, the trailer makes it easy to explore new exciting waters and to be stored on land when not in use. Happy wallet since docking costs are often quite expensive. There is also an environmental aspect to this too. Land storage makes poisonous hull paint unnecessary.
The Agapi is a well thought through concept. It includes rational aspects such as performance, speed, low fuel consumption and competent detailing. But Agapi is much more than that. Agapi means “Love” in Greek and Agapi Boating is a lot about love, pride and family. You will notice this when you meet other people in your own Agapi. It’s an eye catcher and its unique design makes it easily recognizable, but what sticks in people’s minds and hearts is Agapi’s character. It is stylish and elegant but also ideal for adventure and fun. Browse through our GoPro films on our website and you’ll see what we mean by that. Our Agapi is a family tool that glues us together as well as a life power infuser when we take it out with friends. A unique boat should of course offer unique services and Agapi does. Our boating concept springs out of our thoughts about freedom, comfort and effortlessness. If the boat is the key, the boating concept is a lot of exciting doors to be opened. Welcome into our world and the Agapi way of boating!
Alejandra Levinas Asplund
Co-founder and owner
1. There is a clear trend to move from larger conventional boats to smaller boats for fun, simplicity and lower maintenance
2. The new boating generation is looking for more modern boats allowing a great flexibility at sea with as few limitations
as possible.
3. Although boating people are out at sea for shorter amounts of time they still want the comfort of a cabin, kitchen and
4. The Paris climate meeting was a new mile stone in confirming the international shift in the concern for the environment.
People do not want to burn tons of fuel and they are looking for best-in-class in terms of fuel consumption and solutions
for minimal eco impact.
5. Safety is becoming more and more important as more less experienced people want access to boating. Customers
want to feel safe even in rough waters and poor weather.
6. Easy to learn and non-stressful to handle around other boats and when it’s time to dock is also more and more asked
for due to the same reason. Making boating a true family matter improves the probability of being out at sea more often.
7. The most noticed and celebrated boats at international boat shows in 2014 and 2015 are hybrids serving more than
one purpose.
8. Worldwide, more people are transporting their boats by trailer so they can explore exciting new waters.
9. The demand for convenience and comfort is growing all the time and boating is no exception thus requiring new service
10. On average, the new boating generation initially uses their boat for less than 20 hours a year, which is why pooling or
shared ownership is growing rapidly.
Agapi is targeting the new emerging boating customer that value freedom but expect comfort and convenience. They are
aware, responsible and eco smart. Most of all, they are looking for something new in boating and this is exactly what Agapi
delivers like no other.
Agapi does not see a growing market for conventional sales of boats above 100 kEur on an international level. Certain
emerging markets can of course have strong growth but in average, and focusing on the more mature markets where boating
is a part of the culture (Sweden, the Nordic countries, Spain, Italy, France for example), volumes will remain the same
or even decline. We see growth potential in the following areas:
1. Conventional boat sales (increasing market share)
2. Shared ownership
3. Agapi Club
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