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Tytan 1018 FlyTytan 1018 FlyTytan 1018 FlyTytan 1018 Fly
Our newest motorboat – Balt 1018 Fly Titanium – is a technological masterpiece that in any way, shape or form overtakes all currently manufactured houseboats. It is the very first semi planning houseboat with 10m long hull. Balt 818 Fly Titanium guarantees sufficient power and speed to avoid danger in emergency situations such as changing weather, collision course with a bigger vessel, strong river currents and other unfortunate incidents. Maximum speed of 25km/h provides pleasant and safe cruising experience into the most beautiful parts of the river, lake, bay or gulf. Balt 1018 Fly Titanium is best used for leisure cruises with approx. speed of 8-10 km/h which offers passengers silence and comfort combined with economy. Most importantly it gives all crew members joy of every minute spent on water, no matter the weather, thanks to modern roof emphasizing the boats individual character.
Most important advantages of Balt 1018 Titanium:
Innovative semi-planing hull which ensure the optimal speed appr. 22-25 km/h using relatively small outboard engine.
Modern, stylish design, individual boats character.
Large economy by leisure motion using an outboard engine.
Diesel engine’s versions are available (with Yanmar s-drive)!
Very competitive price
Hardtop cockpit, opened around ensure good visibility. No worry about hot days, enjoy the shade in cockpit, and blowing, cooling air.
Cockpit offer you a perfect place for evening with friends. Comfortable communication allowed to walk easily on deck.
Interior offers 6 sleeping places, galley and separate WC-cabin.
Table in saloon has been designed perpendicular to big,panoramic window. Relax inside and admire the site – flowering coast of the canal in Netherlands, beach on the Neusiedler lake in Austria or, exclusive London City district.
Roomy, sunny interior offers standing height until the bow berth.
Technical space makes possible for us to instal all systems which you need – warm water, sea toilet with waste tank, shower, gas cooker, heating, electronics.
After testing different engines, performances and boats possibilities, we are going to propose our customers some propulsion offers
Diesel Engine 45 HP – For displacement drive
Diesel Engine 80 HP – For semi-displacement drive
Engine outboard 60 HP – For semi-planing drive
Engine outboard150HP – For planing drive

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